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Freeform lenses refers to a digital process that is capable of produce complex surface lenses, including aspheric, atoric and progressive addition surfaces. We create unusual Rx’s (i.e., high-cylinder power, high-minus power, slab-off, and lenticulars) on materials never done before, making wearing progressive no-line lenses easier and because the lenses are personalized, there are literally millions of unique Rx combinations that are possible. These lenses are as unique as your fingerprint, since they are custom made just for you.

With advanced design software and a free-form delivery system, it becomes possible to customize the progressive lens design based upon the unique prescription requirements of each wearer. A different surface for each eye will allow a different sphericity for each lens, which means optimum compensation of side aberrations.

Personalized FreeForm lenses incorporate extensive patient-specific information and frame-specific dimensions in our design and production. This information is “optimized” with software to design a digital lens that is best suited for the wearer. New digital lenses are custom made for you based on precise scientific measurements of your eyes and your prescription.

We take pride in our technicians expertise and experience to deliver the best quality eyeglasses to our customers.

Unique Personalized Lenses
Clearest Vision
Widest Field of View
Improved Peripheral Vision
Greater Visual Clarity
Fewer Peripheral Distortions
Better Vision
Thin, Lightweight Designs


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Why Digital Measurements ?

All the Fitting Parameters necessary to create the Most Advanced Digital Eyewear !

The best of digital lenses are better with personalized measurements

• Optimized Free From Progressive Lenses Performance

• Minimized Rechecks Remakes and Return

• A request for only a PD, for online eyewear, makes just an adequate pair of glasses

• Helps determine the opportunity for digital lenses

• Delivers on its promise of precision, accuracy and patient impression

• Digital measurements makes amazing eyewear and separates MAJ from the competition

Digital Measurements for every patient on every Location !!!